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Terms and Conditions 

1. I agree/confirm to Decypher taking a copy of my original documents for the purpose of providing a quote to carry out my translation.

2. That I have no obligation to accept the quote provided by Decypher.

3. That once I have accepted Decypher’s quote to translate my document, I am obliged to pay the agreed price.

4. To the terms and conditions, including payment for the translation, as set out on the reverse of this form.

Decypher is the interpreting and translation service of the Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust. In this document the use of the name Decypher refers to both organisations.

Decypher’s promise:

1. Decypher promises to keep all documents confidential whether they are held for a quotation or translation.

2. Decypher will not translate any document that has content which may be illegal or incites an illegal act. General Sales Conditions

3. All translation quotes provided by Decypher are valid for one calendar month.

4. Decypher will not commence a translation until the client has accepted the quote in writing.

5. All translations are based on the original documents provided, and the instructions of the client.

6. GST will be charged at the correct rate at the time of billing, unless it is apparent that the client is from overseas. Non Payment

7. If a translation remains unpaid for one month after the client has been advised of completion of the work, Decypher reserves the right to place the debt in the hands of a collection agency. All administration costs incurred by Decypher in collecting any debt including court hearings and telephone calls will be charged to the client. All collection costs incurred by the collection agent will also be added to the value of the debt and charged to the client.

8. When accepting a quote from Decypher, the client agrees to Decypher’s conditions of credit and agrees that they will be liable for all costs incurred in collecting debts. The client also accepts that any conditions of privacy and confidentiality in respect of work done is waived by the client should they default in payment to the point of legal action becoming necessary. Quality

9. Decypher will do its best to ensure that a translation meets the requirements of the client.

10. If the client is not happy with the quality or accuracy of the translation Decypher must be notified within 10 working days of the client receiving the translation. Once this period has lapsed, it shall be deemed that the translation is correct.

11. In the event of a complaint being received by Decypher within the above time frame, Decypher will at its own cost liaise between the client and the translator until all parties agree that the translation is accurate. Any entitlement to reimbursement by the client is at the discretion of the management of Decypher.

12. Decypher will do everything possible to deliver work within the deadline agreed with the client. However, they will not be held liable for any delays outside of its control. However, where a delay is directly the fault of Decypher a reimbursement may be made to the client at the discretion of Decypher management.

13. Where a small defect is detected in the translation Decypher reserves the right to make modifications to the document.

14. Only written agreements between the parties shall be taken into consideration. Legal Information

15. In the event of disputes New Zealand law will apply and shall have jurisdiction for all disputes. Refunds will be given at the discretion of Decypher management.

16. Translations remain the property of Decypher until paid for in full. Any reproduction of such translations shall be illegal.

17. Consumer Guarantees Act (CGA 1993): Where services are provided for business purposes the CGA shall not apply.

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