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Decypher Interperting


What is Interpreting?

An interpreter is someone who relays spoken messages where language is a barrier to communication; and is often called upon to work in communities, private settings, the Health, Justice, Immigration and other Government Ministries.

Decypher provides a Consecutive Interpreting service. The interpreter allows the speaker to complete a thought or statement before giving an interpretation.

Types of interpreting available:

Face to face Interpreting (on site)

Decypher interpreters visit the client and relay accurately and completely in the first person what each party says in an appointment. Face-to-face interpretations are usually done at the service provider’s location. The interpreter is present in person with both persons for whom interpreting is provided.

Video Interpreting

Video Interpreting offers a more effective service when Face to Face Interpreting isn’t possible.  Video Interpreting is also carried out remotely so eliminates travel costs.


Telephone Interpreting

Interpreting is carried out remotely with the interpreter connected by telephone to one or both of the parties. Telephone interpretations can take place from any location.


Clients appointment confirmation and confirmation of language spoken

Decypher interpreters can phone your client:

  • To confirm the date and the time of appointment;

  • To relay a message;

  • To confirm the language your client speaks.

Urgent Service available - 24 / 7, phone  027 479 2419

For more information or to get a free quote please contact us

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