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Our Story

Decypher is the only professional interpreting/translating agency in the Waikato and is the main source of language support for the Waikato Hospital, the Waikato and Bay of Plenty Courts, the NZ Police, various prisons, the Immigration Department and other key clients.

Decypher was established by the Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust (HMS Trust) in 1999, as the Hamilton Interpreting Service (HIS) out of concern for the gaps between basic services and people of different cultural, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds. Their strategic focus was to help refugees and migrants settle successfully by improving access to these services; and creating awareness amongst receiving communities.

We provide solutions in over 60 languages and carry out an average of 750-800+ assignments per month in the Waikato and surrounding regions.


Interpreting/Translation in the Business World
Decypher provides interpreters regularly to businesses to assist with communication in a wide variety of situations. Some of these are to support international visitors, aid with the installation and/or maintenance of plant or equipment where international contractors are being used, and HR meetings with staff who have English as a second language.

Decypher also has a group of regular corporate clients that require the translation of various written documents including legal documents, mechanical service manuals, website scripts and medical records.

Decypher is a social enterprise and all our profits go towards supporting former refugees and migrants in the community, by offering a wide range of services and programmes at HMS Trust. 

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